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    Class Rooms are like Trains:

    Class Rooms are like Trains.
    The first 2 benches are Executive Coaches reserved for VIPs;
    The middle are General Compartments;
    And the last 2 are Sleeper Classes!

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    My dad was the best man alive, I was always happy to be by his side, He was always there for me, He is the one who gave me pride. My daddy had a short life, It was to early for him to die, But he never felt a thing, He didn't have time to sigh. You see he was in an accident, That was fast and quick, Everyone was so unhappy, Everyone looked so sick. But I know my daddy loves me That is what gets me through the day I just listen hard and close and I can hear what my daddy would say Candice I will always love you We will always be together, I could never leave you, We will be together forever.

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    I am not a consecutive

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    The teacher to a student

    The teacher to a student: Conjugate the verb "to walk" in simple present.
    The student: I walk. You walk ....
    The teacher intruptes him: Quicker please.
    The student: I run. You run ...

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