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    The sky without stars:

    The sky without stars is
    like sleep without dreams
    like song without music
    like rose without smell
    like face without smile
    like ME without U!

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    To the one who gave me life
    I can give nothing but love
    To the star so full of light
    to the one sent from up above.

    Thank you for the kindness
    for everything you do
    thank you for the happiness
    thanks for seeing me through.

    I love you more than anything
    I'll love you to the end
    you are my mother first
    then my very best friend.

    It is unusual what we share
    everything I do you know,
    every beautiful quality
    you have in you, I try to show.

    Not often enough do I tell you
    how much you mean to me
    Not often enough do I show you
    how your love set me free

    To live forever and always
    Is what I wish for you.
    A long life ever-lasting
    for one so sacred and true

    You are my special angel
    who I always find comfort in
    whether life is in a shambles
    whether I lose or whether I win

    To the one who gave me life,
    I can give nothing but love
    to the one who genuinely is,
    sent from heaven above

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    25 Saal Ki Padhai and phir duniya aap ko 2 page ke resume ke upar judge karegi.

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    Various Conditions of SpiderMan After Marriage
    See various Conditions of SpiderMan After Marriage

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