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    Jitne bhi hai jaha pe, unhi ke lal hai sare:

    Jitne bhi hai jaha pe, unhi ke lal hai sare,
    unke hi isaro pe chalte, ye chand aur tare.
    pal bhar ke liye hi sahi maa ko yaad kijiye,
    hogi puri tamna jara phariyad kijiye.
    Happy Navratri.

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    The musical nightingale told me
    that you are thinking about me
    just as I am thinking of you...
    breezes thro' the trees whispered
    that sometime between sunset and sunrise,
    we will meet in Heaven's rendezvous.

    Ah - and the waning moon promised
    you would be there anon, holding me
    tenderly - singing our love song.
    I always believe the harvest moon
    also the gentle nocturnal breeze.
    And how could a nightingale ever lie?

    So tonight will be our night of nights
    with a million bright stars in the sky.

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    The truth is you don't know
    what is going to happen
    tomorrow. Life is a crazy
    ride, and nothing is

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    If a boy opens the door of his car for his girlfriend. .
    Then. .
    Either the 'girlfrnd' is new or the 'car'. . !!

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