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    May This Navratri The Holy Tunes:

    May This Navratri The Holy Tunes
    Of Dandiya Enlighten Your Life,
    May Your Life Be Blessed In Abundance
    With Rejoice And Success.
    Wishing You Happy Navratri.

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    Our love is something we have built
    From passions, hopes and dreams.
    It's safe from any passing moods,
    Secure from all extremes.

    It's something real and special,
    Something solid, something pure.
    It's something we can always count on,
    ringing sound and sure.

    It's something grounded in the heart,
    Emitting confidence.
    It lives in our emotions;
    It is something we can sense.

    Our love remains a binding force,
    Resistant to all strife.
    Amidst the outer pressures,
    it's our anchor throughout life.

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    Strong women is someone who wear pain like stilettos.but you can only see her beauty.

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    Santa Milk visiting

    Santa Milk visiting the store said, "Your store is bad milk,
    syrup poured exploded."
    The surprise is in store asks, "Who was inserted into the syrup?"
    Santa: lemon water.

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