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    I reiterate my love and respect to my dear brother:

    I reiterate my love and respect to my dear brother. We have shared so much with each other like our family jokes, feuds, secrets, griefs and joys. And how we have overcame adversities and cherish the golden moments of our childhood and youth. We may be far apart but we have a space for each other in our hearts! Happy Raksha Bandhan!
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    I sit and wonder
    As the days go by
    How I will live
    How will I survive

    Since I met you
    It all became so clear
    With you by me
    I will never have a fear

    For you are the light
    An everlasting pit of Love
    The only one for me
    As beatiful as a dove

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    When life brings big winds of change that almost blow you over... then close your eyes, hang on tight, and BELIEVE yourself

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    which soap do you use??

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