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    Times of the past I remember with a whiff When we were together:

    Times of the past, I remember with a whiff;
    When we were together, it was sheer bliss;
    Now I get nostalgic and those days I terribly miss;
    Now here comes Diwali wish; sealed with a kiss!

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    Because of you I have a reason to smile.
    Wanted to see you but you said you'd be away for a while.
    When will you come back to me?
    So we can hold each other while we sleep?
    I think of you every night.
    Wishing I can hold you tight.
    You're my yum yum and I'm your bumble bee.
    No matter what happend in my heart is where you'll be.

    The day you come back to me
    Promise me you will never leave.

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    When you are courting a
    nice girl an hour seems like
    a second. When you sit on
    a red-hot cinder a second
    seems like an hour. That's

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    If ur lover sends you romantic msgs then be vry hppy
    think who z sending those msgs to ur lover?
    My job is over!
    Nrayan Nrayan.. :-)

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