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    Chalo Fir Se Khud Ko Jagate Hai | Independence Day SMS:

    Chalo Fir Se Khud Ko Jagate Hai, Anusasan Ka Danda Fir Ghumate Hai, Sunhara Rang Hai Gantantra Ka Sahido Ke Lahoo Se, Aise Sahido Ko Ham Sab Sar Jhukate Hai,
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    As I sit here and daydream
    Of the first day we met
    I can still see your eyes gleam
    And I feel as if I won a bet
    You're mine to keep
    For now and forever.

    I love you with all my heart,
    Our love is so deep
    It's as if we are a piece of art
    So I'm yours and you are mine.

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    All the powers in the
    universe are already ours.
    It is we who have put our
    hands before our eyes and
    cry that it is dark.

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    The Perfect Son

    The Perfect Son
    A: I have the perfect son.
    B: Does he smoke?
    A: No, he doesn’t.
    B: Does he drink whiskey?
    A: No, he doesn’t.
    B: Does he ever come home late?
    A: No, he doesn’t.
    B: I guess you really do have the perfect son. How old is he?
    A: He will be six months old next Wednesday.

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