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    A girl comes late to class:

    A girl comes late to class.
    Teacher: Why a re you late ?
    Girl: One boy was following me, sir.
    Teacher: So, What ?
    Girl: That boy was walking very slow.

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    My Mummy, You are my 'SuperMom' in the Whole World.. And I am Your 'tiny hero' who Always break the rules but never across the 'wild' borders.. You Always protect me with Your 'magic touch' & 'mighty hands'.. You never let me down even if i am So close to be 'terminated' from the universe.. Susanna O Tam,My Dearest Mummy, I Love You Today, Tommorrow and till the end.. Happy Mother's Day

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    We have not invaded
    anyone. We have not
    conquered anyone. We
    have not grabbed their
    land, their culture, their
    history and tried to enforce
    our way of life on them.

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    Bnta went to the barber asked:

    Bnta went to the barber asked: how much money
    you take a boar's hair cut?
    Barber: Yes, 170 bucks.
    Bnta: Leave the law, he will expensive,
    now you cut my hair.
    Barber cut his hair.
    Bnta: How many bucks?
    Barber: 170 Rs.

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