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    I Cn Always:

    Cn Always
    Take Care Of Myself
    Bt Still ! ! !
    I Want To Meet D
    Prsn ,
    Who Cn Prove 2 Me
    I Cn't

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    My love for you is kept inside
    I'll keep it in my heart to hide
    but if you ask I will not lie
    my love for you will never die

    I'll remember you forever more
    your eyes, your hair, your face and all
    your smile is fixed in my mind
    you heart I soon will find

    I want to share my life with you
    to be as one instead of two
    to laugh, to cry, to be together
    my love for you will last forever

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    We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. - Native American Proverb

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    Wife (screaming): o listen Window opens:

    Wife (screaming): o listen Window opens
    Is not!
    Husband (sitting): Put some water .. Jam
    'll Be gone!
    After awhile ....
    Husband: What do the Window Open?
    Wife: Window opening what was then put water ..
    Since laptops are not even on

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