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    The Perfect Son:

    The Perfect Son
    A: I have the perfect son.
    B: Does he smoke?
    A: No, he doesn’t.
    B: Does he drink whiskey?
    A: No, he doesn’t.
    B: Does he ever come home late?
    A: No, he doesn’t.
    B: I guess you really do have the perfect son. How old is he?
    A: He will be six months old next Wednesday.

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    I dream of the hill that we shared
    I only then realised how much you cared,
    your smiling face your warm embrace
    mean the world to me.

    The touch of your hand upon my face,
    your true love is full of grace.
    You touched my inner most feelings,
    like you did from the begining.

    So much love ,you opened my eyes,
    and for me such a beautiful supprise,
    I think im dreaming.
    We walk down the hill hand in hand
    and I think of flower blossoms all around.

    Oh my love for you is so honest and true,
    just like the first morning dew.
    And if dreams can come true,
    my love will only be of you.

    How I love you my darling,
    If I could make time stand still,
    my love would be only of you and the hill.

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    Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory. -Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

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    Santa: yesterday 20 people

    Santa: yesterday 20 people have beaten me.
    Bnta: Then what did you mean?
    Santa: I said come by one year.
    Bnta: Again?
    Santa: What then, one by one again, beaten by years.

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