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    May This Navratri The Holy Tunes:

    May This Navratri The Holy Tunes
    Of Dandiya Enlighten Your Life,
    May Your Life Be Blessed In Abundance
    With Rejoice And Success.
    Wishing You Happy Navratri.

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    Merry Christmas family, neighbors, and friends
    A hardy season toast to you I send
    May you be blessed with lots of good cheer
    And help spread Christmas far and near

    Merry Christmas family, neighbors, and friends
    May there be joy awaiting you round every bend
    May you be granted your every Christmas wish
    And may God's Angels bless you with a kiss

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    Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forgot

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    Once Santa went for skydiving

    Once Santa went for skydiving.
    The instructor told him to open the parachute when he starts
    recognising the faces of the people standing on the ground.
    Santa doubting the instructions, "What if I do not know anyone?"

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