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    Breaking News:

    Breaking News:
    Rahul to Retire.
    BJP President: Wow, it's time to celebrate.
    Secretary: Sir, it's Rahul Dravid retiring from Test Cricket and not
    Rahul Gandhi from politics.

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    What she's been she'll always be,
    A timeless gift sent down to me.
    For when she came into my life,
    I gained the world not just a wife.

    She gave herself while by my side.
    Two gorgeous girls who bring me pride.
    She helped me see when I was blind,
    What matters most as life unwinds.

    Each gift she gave, now with me still,
    Enrich my life and always will.
    For unlike diamonds, gold and such,
    The gifts she gave my heart can touch.

    I cannot say who I'd be now,
    I cannot know what, where or how,
    But what she gave, there is no doubt,
    Is what my life is all about.

    There is a truth that we all know,
    We see it everywhere we go,
    That love is what we're meant to be,
    And that's the gift she gave to me.

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    The whole secret of
    existence is to have no
    fear. Never fear what will
    become of you, depend on
    no one. Only the moment
    you reject all help are you

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    Honeymoon husband told his wife

    Honeymoon husband told his wife, "all live in love,
    to respect everyone, always speak the truth,
    not to hurt anyone's heart."
    Wife woke up and opened the door of the room said,
    "come all, Satsang is going on here".

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