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    love is a bird:

    love is a bird you hold tightly, it dies......
    if you hold lightly,it flies...........
    you hold it nicely,it shits in your hand......
    forgot love
    better flirt.............

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    My father wasn’t always the best dad
    But he did the best he could
    And I wasn’t always the best son
    But my dad always understood

    We didn’t always see eye to eye
    And I argued way too much
    When I grew up and moved away
    I didn’t always keep in touch

    But as we both grew older
    We grew closer as father and son
    I found out what being a Dad was like
    And understood the things he had done

    God called him home several years ago
    And the memories at time make me sad
    But I know he’ll always love me
    Because he’s forever, my Dad.

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    Live Life Well and Don't Forget to Smile | Top Quotes on Life And Love

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    Lalu thanking obama

    Lalu thanking obama after his stay in america-
    Thank you for ur hospitality.
    when you come 2 india.god promis,
    i wil also hospitalise u.....

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