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    Tear is the silent language:

    Tear is the silent language of LOVE. When the tears come with reason,
    u got some problem. But when tears come without any reason, u miss someone…

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    How I want to say so much
    But words cannot express
    The deep passionate love I have for you
    Your love outweighs my stress.

    The many nights I dreamnt about you
    The many days I wonder
    The many hours I prayed to God
    That our love will never wander.

    The precious days we spend together
    The love we have is real
    I don't want to be with anyone else
    This is how I truly feel.

    Baby you make me very happy
    Being with you are the happiest days of my life
    But the happiest day of all
    Is when you make me your sweet wife.

    So be my life, be my soul
    Be my heart with extra beats
    Thank you for being my special love
    I finally feel complete.

  • Quotes


    I've heard there are
    troubles of more than one
    kind; some come from
    ahead, and some come
    from behind. But I've
    brought a big bat. I'm all
    ready, you see; now my
    troubles are going to have
    troubles with me!

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    Cute Cats cuddling each other

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