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    Attitude of girls:

    Attitude of girls:
    When a boy sends dirty 'SMS';
    She laughs for 10 minutes;
    Forwards that to her friends;
    And then replies the boy.
    Mind it, I don't like that kind of 'SMS'?

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    A one way love can never thrive;
    It needs reciprocation.
    And so in order to survive
    My love needs affirmation.

    So throw your caution to the sky,
    And let your heart command.
    You'll find that it will not deny
    A love which must expand.

    Come now, to me, with open arms
    And sweep me off my feet;
    And then display for me your charms,
    To make my love complete.

    My one way love will terminate
    Without your inspiration.
    So, therefore, please reciprocate
    With no more hesitation.

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    Just a minute spent with you is better than a whole day of my sunshine.

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    The government is

    The government is making a new law.
    Beautiful girls and handsome boys on the basis of this law special tax.
    Do not laugh, I know you are saved; But
    I got so wat is it?

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