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    Doctor: U Look Exactly LIke My Third Wife:

    Doctor: U Look Exactly LIke My Third Wife.
    Lady: How Many Wives Do You Have?
    Doc : Two...
    MoRaL : Express Smart Ideas , SmarTLy .

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    Every second I spend with you
    Really is a dream come true.
    When I'm with you I feel so free
    I truly am as happy as can be.

    When I see you my heart races
    I could spot you in a million faces.
    I cherish the words from you
    Telling me your love is true.

    My life without you would be a mess
    I would be in total distress.
    So I'm sending you this to say
    I love you more with every day.

    Soul mates we are forever and ever
    Marching through life together
    Until our life here on earth is done
    Our two hearts will beat as one.

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    Don't Limit Yourself. Many People Limit Themselves To What They Think They Can Do. You Can Go As Far As Your Mind Lets You. What You Believe, Remember, You Can Achieve. -Mary Kay Ash

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    Husband-Wife Joke

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