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    If Girl In Luv:

    If Girl In Luv,
    Hr Parents Ask:
    Who Is Dat Idiot?
    If Boy In Luv,
    His Parents Ask:
    Idiot, Who Is Dat Girl?
    No Matter
    Whoevr In Luv,
    Boyz R Always Idiots...

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    There is a beautiful world where I can see your face,
    It exists only between time and space
    Time shreds space like worn out fashion,
    And leaves us desperate for our precious compassion
    Space consumes time without our consent,
    And hides the reality that our dreams were once spent
    Our love is regained when we meet in between
    And there we can dance again in our dream

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    All differences in this world are of
    degree, and not of kind, because
    oneness is the secret of everything.

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    Funny Images Husband And Wife
    Funny Images Husband And Wife

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