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    Jaise Ram ji ne jeeta lanks ko:

    Jaise Ram ji ne jeeta lanks ko. Waise app
    bhi jeeten saari duniya is dussehra mil
    jayen app ko. duniya bhar ki saari
    khushiyan, Happy Dussehra.

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    Oh, dear,
    Oh, my gosh,
    I hope that no one saw,
    I wish that I could laugh,
    But maybe someone saw,
    Maybe I should hide,
    But, ah, whatever,
    I'll just pull my trousers up.

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    I love Every Moments Spent With You Happy Friendship day 

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    Pappu from his class teacher said:

    Pappu from his class teacher said: Madam, I think you'll like?
    Madam: Very sweet (very sweet)!
    Pappu heard this from my friend said,
    "See, I told you, current, line kills!" .............

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