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    Mein Iss Pavan Absar Par :

    Mein Iss Pavan Absar Par
    Maa Se Binti Karti Hoon,
    Ke Veh Apke Sansar Ko
    Khushkiyon Se Mehka De,
    Aur Apke Jivan Ko
    Anand Mein Bana De.
    Jay Maa Kaali Ki!

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    Draw back the curtain,
    Roll up the blind,
    Look through the window,
    What do you find?

    A new day is dawning,
    All nature’s at play.
    Flowers are blooming,
    In a colorful array

    Open the window,
    What do you hear?
    Birds that are singing,
    Bringing you cheer.

    Leaves on the trees,
    Are slightly swaying,
    To the tune of a breeze;
    They seem to be praying.

    While nature rejoices,
    You behold such a sight,
    Thank God for blessings,
    And start the day right.

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    I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. -Jimmy Dean

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    Funny Image Husband And Wife
    Funny Image Husband And Wife

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