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    A Great Line By A Rose (Flower):

    A Great Line By A Rose (Flower)
    It Is Better To
    Stay In A Boy Grave
    2 Stay In Some Girl Hair
    Who Dont Know
    Wat Is Luv!!!

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    Sluggish and tired she awakens from her sleep To go in check in on her babies she's careful and she creeps Through the open door, she sees them all snuggled close She goes into the room to cover up their little toes In the morning the noise is loud and the grits are getting cold She calls them to the table what a sight to behold The clothes she ironed carefully are dishelved and kind of loose She tells them get themselves together fix their clothes and tie their shoes In the afternoon when they're gone she still can't get any rest Because she has to go to work with her littlest baby on her chest When she gets home after scrubbing dishes, windows and floors She takes the little money she has and sends them to the stores They forget the bacon and onions and the greens don't taste good And it's too late at night to send them back out in that neighborhood So in despair she weeps with her hands up to her eyes And in comes her husband with pizza and it takes her by surprise After their nice hot bath and tucks them in for the night And finally lays down and turns off her kerosene light And in her dreams she holds her children and to her they snuggle This is just one day in the life of a mother's endless struggle

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    The devil ain't got no
    power over me. The devil
    come, and me shake hands
    with the devil. Devil have
    his part to play. Devil's a
    good friend, too... because
    when you don't know him,
    that's the time he can
    mosh you down.

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    Newton in romantic mood

    Newton in romantic mood-
    "Love can neither be created,
    Nor be destroyed. Only it can b
    transfered from 1 girlfrnd to another girlfrnd,
    with some loss of money."

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