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    An Aeroplane asks a Rocket:

    An Aeroplane asks a Rocket
    How is that you can fly so fast?
    The Rocket replies you will know the pain, when they put fire at your back!

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    Deeper into my eyes you stare ,
    Deeper still , into my heart you dare.
    Passion, pleasure, the endless fire,
    Deepest of all, the unbridled desire.

    Deeper and deeper, we suddenly fall,
    Deeper still, collapsing that wall.
    Chances are taken, for lovers in need,
    Deepest of all, for love to succeed.

    Deeper and deeper, promises kept,
    Deeper still, tears no longer wept.
    Endless devotion, sacred lovers at last,
    Deepest of all, sorrows lost in the past.

    Deeper and deeper, true love grows,
    Deeper still, only real love knows.
    That unconditional love, forever holds,
    Deepest of all, true happiness unfolds.

    Deeper and deeper, such sweet dreams,
    Deeper still, loves radiance beams.
    Showers of emotion no longer unspoken,
    Deepest of all, Gods greatest token.

    Deeper and deeper, is my love for you,
    deeper still the desire, to forever be true.
    Holding so tight, embracing your heart,
    Deepest of all, that we will never part.

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    Look at the sky. We are not
    alone. The whole universe
    is friendly to us and
    conspires only to give the
    best to those who dream
    and work.

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    Santa: yesterday 20 people

    Santa: yesterday 20 people have beaten me.
    Bnta: Then what did you mean?
    Santa: I said come by one year.
    Bnta: Again?
    Santa: What then, one by one again, beaten by years.

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