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    My Silent Prayers Were This Empty Spaces:

    My Silent Prayers Were This Empty Spaces,
    Have Been Asking Maa Durga
    To Protect And Guide You In All Your Undertakings
    Whenever You Are!,
    This Is A Prayer Of Sincerity,
    Just For You.
    Happy Durga Pooja And Navratri.

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    The word Love,
    Love is something we all can enjoy,
    It is something we all can share,
    Only with that special someone,
    Who we all care about.
    But why are we scared of it?
    I don't know why,
    But if I wasn't,
    I would tell you every time,
    Rain or shine,
    Every time we're apart I nearly cry,
    Because this love inside of me is strong,
    There are no boundaries that it can hide,
    I want to scream it out,
    But I'm too shy,
    So I wait and watch wishing,
    That I had the courage to tell you,
    How much I feel inside.
    This is to that special someone.
    I Love You.

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    Bnta Pinky asked him

    Bnta Pinky asked him, "Son, what do you study in class?"
    Pinky: in raw?
    Bnta surprised and said, "You're so grown up but still in the raw?"
    Pinky: flooring in our class, so we sit down on the ground.

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