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    Abhi Kuch Lamhy Baqi Hain Sal K Khatam Honay Mein Chalo Aisa Karen Hum Tum:

    Abhi Kuch Lamhy Baqi Hain,
    Sal K Khatam Honay Mein,
    Chalo Aisa Karen Hum Tum,
    Gilay Shikway Jo Rehte Hai,
    Hamesha Darmiya’n Apne,
    Kyun Na Khatam Kar Dalen,
    Naye Waday Nayi Qasmein,
    Nayi Umeed Hum Bandhe’n,
    Naye Andaz Se Jeewan Ka Ik Ik Rukh Badal Dalen,
    Dilon Mein Hain Kadorat Jo,
    Hum Us Ko Khatam Kar Dalen.
    Abhi Kuch Waqt Baqi Hai,
    Naya Phir Sal Aany Mein.

    Happy New Year.

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    If I've ever felt apart from the world...
    you brought me back

    If I've ever cried my eyes out...
    you've made them stop

    If I've felt fear has kidnapped my heart...
    you've rescued me

    If I've ever felt deep misery or loneliness in my eyes...
    you've filled them with hope and sincerity

    If I've ever run away from all that I was afraid of...
    you've showed that me I need to face them

    If I've ever hidden from the crazy side of my mind...

    you've showed me light
    If I've ever been torn or bent...
    you've straightened me out

    If I've lost pieces to my heart...
    afraid that they wouldn't be put back together...
    you've been there to show me it's never lost.

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    I don't know how to live
    good. I only know how to

  • Jokes


    Girlfriend Vs Boyfriend Revenge

    Son to his Father: My girlfriend has left me & she sent me "private pictures" with herself and
    her new boyfriend .... what should I do face-sad. face-sad.png
    Father: sent them all to her father face-smile.face-smile.png

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