Abdul Kalam Quotes

Today, India consumes
about 682 watts per capita, far
lesser than developed
nations. As India develops,
it will definitely require a
lot more energy.

Alone, Work, Best

Let me define a leader.
He must have vision and
passion and not be afraid
of any problem. Instead,
he should know how to
defeat it. Most importantly,
he must work with integrity.

I'm not an expert on the
arms race.

Should we work an Extra day to give tribute to Dr Kalam

Dreams, Great, Dreamers

Problem, Defeat, Allow

Family, Teacher, Beautiful

The wealth of information
now available at the click
of a finger amazes me.

I was in high school when
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
unfurled India's flag in New

Controversial Pakistani Scientist AQ Khan quoted, Dr Kalam was an Ordinary Scientist

Goal, Succeed, Mission

Dreams, True, Dream

Science, Times, Start

How accurately can the law
fix the crime? There has to
be a mechanism for very
fast action. The law is like
this: catch them and
punish them.

Courage, Failure, Lives

Technology, Nation, Television

Nation, Follow, Certain