Abdul Kalam Quotes

An economically peaceful
and prosperous Sri Lanka
is the dream of youth of
the nation. My message for
the youth is to collectively
work for an inclusively
developed Sri Lanka.

Success, Great, Amazing

Age, Less, Optimism

One of the very important
characteristics of a student
is to question. Let the
students ask questions.

Dreams, Great, Dreamers

Her, Walk, India

Alone, Work, Best

Family, Teacher, Beautiful

I was in high school when
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
unfurled India's flag in New

Dreams, True, Dream

Religion, Others, Promotion

Science, Times, Start

The world has today 546
nuclear plants generating
electricity. Their experience
is being continuously
researched, and feedback
should be provided to all.
Nuclear scientists have to
interact with the people of
the nation, and academic
institutions continuously
update nuclear power
generation technology and

How accurately can the law
fix the crime? There has to
be a mechanism for very
fast action. The law is like
this: catch them and
punish them.

Goal, Succeed, Mission

Controversial Pakistani Scientist AQ Khan quoted, Dr Kalam was an Ordinary Scientist

Leadership, Moral, Spirit

Measuring nuclear yield
depends on multiple
parameters - the location
and number of
instruments, the geology of
the area, the location of
the seismic station in
relation to the test site.