Controversial Pakistani Scientist AQ Khan quoted, Dr Kalam was an Ordinary Scientist

Abdul Kalam Quotes

Goal, Succeed, Mission

Generation, Economic, Safe

Courage, Work, Great

Let me define a leader.
He must have vision and
passion and not be afraid
of any problem. Instead,
he should know how to
defeat it. Most importantly,
he must work with integrity.

Lives, Almost, State

Religion, Others, Promotion

Problem, Defeat, Allow

The world has today 546
nuclear plants generating
electricity. Their experience
is being continuously
researched, and feedback
should be provided to all.
Nuclear scientists have to
interact with the people of
the nation, and academic
institutions continuously
update nuclear power
generation technology and

Should we work an Extra day to give tribute to Dr Kalam

The wealth of information
now available at the click
of a finger amazes me.

Experience, Negative

India has to be
transformed into a
developed nation, a
prosperous nation and a
healthy nation, with a
value system.

Age, Less, Optimism

Alone, Work, Best

Courage, Failure, Lives

Leadership, Moral, Spirit

I'm not an expert on the
arms race.