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Mom! you are the centerpiece of my life. The light in the sun. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. You make me smile when I am sad.You are the best mother a child could have.

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Combination of words from 26 alphabets can never express my Loving Mom | Mothers's Day

Naresh P

Naresh P


Happy Mother's Day - Any Woman can be a Mother but it takes someone Special to be called "Mom"

Happy Mother's Day - The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly Father

Happy Mother's Day - Mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved

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Happy Mother's Day | First my Mother forever my Friend

Happy Mother's Day - I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life

Just one little wish for you,mom! but its loving and happy and true. It’s a wish that the nicest and best thing’s will always keep coming you!

Happy Mother's Day - A Man's Work is FRom sun to sun but a Mother's work is never done

Mother's Day | No one Else will ever know the strength of my Love for You After All you are the only one who Knows what my Heart sounds like from the inside

I would do just about anything you'd ask, For you there's nothing I wouldn't do, there's no such task. I would walk without my shoes to the end of the Earth, I would give up anything I had to, to teach you self worth. I would hold your hand every minute of every day, But I won't because I know you need to find your own way. I would surely bear the heartache of your first love that's real, Even though I can't, I will naturally feel as you feel. I would sell my soul if it would keep you happy forever, I would give my right arm to keep us forever together. I would run a hundred miles up-hill in the rain, Just to guarantee that you will never feel pain. I would laugh with you even if I was sad, I will give you a smile even if I'm mad. I can only accept your mistakes with a grin on my face, I will guide you in correcting them, but at your own pace. I will guide you through life, as this world can get quite wild, Just don't you ever forget that you will always be my child.

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From the moment you were born I knew what love was really about I loved you more than anything Beyond the shadow of a doubt The bond I felt was unbreakable And instantly I knew That I would spend eternity Thanking God for my miracle, you Time has quickly passed us by And now you're quite the little lady But in my eyes you will always be My precious little baby One day in the future God will bless you with a miracle too Then you will know the depth of love That I will always have for you I will be here for you always And forever and a day Loving you unconditionally Every step along the way

चिंतन दर्शन जीवन सर्जन रूह नज़र पर छाई अम्मा सारे घर का शोर शराबा सूनापन तनहाई अम्मा उसने खुद़ को खोकर मुझमें एक नया आकार लिया है, धरती अंबर आग हवा जल जैसी ही सच्चाई अम्मा सारे रिश्ते- जेठ दुपहरी गर्म हवा आतिश अंगारे झरना दरिया झील समंदर भीनी-सी पुरवाई अम्मा घर में झीने रिश्ते मैंने लाखों बार उधड़ते देखे चुपके चुपके कर देती थी जाने कब तुरपाई अम्मा बाबू जी गुज़रे, आपस में- सब चीज़ें तक़सीम हुई तब- मैं घर में सबसे छोटा था मेरे हिस्से आई अम्मा - आलोक श्रीवास्तव