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The PC has improved the
world in just about every
area you can think of.
Amazing developments in
collaboration and
efficiencies. New kinds of
entertainment and social
media. Access to
information and the ability
to give a voice people who
would never have been

You may have heard of
Black Friday and Cyber
Monday. There's another
day you might want to
know about: Giving
Tuesday. The idea is pretty
straightforward. On the
Tuesday after
Thanksgiving, shoppers
take a break from their
gift-buying and donate
what they can to charity.

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Software innovation,
almost every other kind of
innovation, requires the
ability to collaborate and
share ideas with other
people, and to sit down
and talk with customers
and get their feedback and
understand their needs.

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Research shows that there
is only half as much
variation in student
achievement between
schools as there is among
classrooms in the same
school. If you want your
child to get the best
education possible, it is
actually more important to
get him assigned to a great
teacher than to a great